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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Look What You Find!

Look what you find when you clean out the freezer!!

Without a doubt, my husband probably gets the most annoyed when I exclaim, "We don't have any meat!". He knows there is meat in the deep freeze and I know it. It's just such a hard job to go through it. I always just say, "Run out and make a quick list for me!". That never works, just too much stuff!

Today I went through the dreaded deep freeze after going on and on about how we didn't have very much meat in it.

Um here's my inventory:
  • 1 lb. packages of ground sausage - 4
  • sausage patties - 1
  • 2 pack of smoked sausage - 1
  • sweet Italian sausage - 1
  • 1 lb. packages of ground turkey - 4
  • 1 lb. packages of ground venison - 5
  • rib steaks - 3
  • 1 lb. packages of ground chuck - 7
  • 1 c. bags of cooked and shredded chicken - 2
  • 5 lb. family packages of drumsticks - 2
  • 1 lb. packages of boneless/skinless chix breasts - 4
  • haddock - 1
  • beef round steak - 2
  • 2 lb. packages of halved chicken breast - 2
  • beef hot dogs - 5
  • 2 lb. package pork chops - 1
  • beef chuck roast - 1
I'm thinking there was just a tad bit more in there than I had originally thought!

Has it been a long time since you have done a thorough clean out/go through of your freezer or deep freeze?

We always like to go through this time of year and eat up everything in our freezer and pantry. That way by the time the harvest of lettuce comes and all the way through tomato season, we can feast on fresh vegetables and fill up our freed up freezer.

I think a great challenge for February would be an eat from the freezer/pantry challenge! Use up those meats and veggies before they go bad! :)

Happy Findings in the Freezer!


Misty said...

Wow! We want to get a deep freeze, but for now we have a smaller fridge/freezer in the garage. Ideally we'd have an upright freezer when we get one so that we can get stuff in and out theory, you understand. ;) Prayinf for more success and lots of yummy recipes coming up with all this meat! :) <3

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