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Friday, December 30, 2011

Here We Go....!

It's coming... Only TWO short days and the New Year will be here. 

I am excited, yet terrified. So many nay sayers, so little time... 

With all the lack of enthusiasm from others, I am really excited. We can and will do achieve this goal!

We have been eating out quite a bit trying to cure our cravings (Isn't funny that the more you eat out the more you crave it?!). We are finding that we are tired of eating out and the inconvienence. It's just too hard and the food is just not that good. AND let me tell you, the money/ price of the food is just absurd!
So with that we are diving into the no eating out challenge and the challenge to get our family around the table again. Join us! Hold us accountable! :)

For a list of recipes I have to try click here. Also, I would love to try some of yours. Feel free to email them to me and I'll put them on the list! :)


Misty said...

Hubby and I have talked about it and are planning to do something similar to your Back to the Table - if it counts we'll join in! :) We're going to allow 1-2 eat-out(s) per week (even if that means buying an entree out and sides at home). I'm the only one that cooks and there are some days that I just need a break - and some days we get caught out and about. Hubby makes a great grilled cheese...but since we're now gluten-free and GF breads (the good ones anyway) are upwards of $4 a loaf it puts a pinch in those backup plans. :\ Have you tried a pressure cooker? My MIL gave me one that belonged at one time to her mother and I've used it twice in the last week - I've had it for years in my lower cabinet. :| I'm loving learning how to use it though! :)

Zaira said...

go you!! excited to follow along, may do a mini challenge :)

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