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Sunday, March 6, 2016

The PictureThat Changed My Life...

I have always been frugal. Always trying to save money and save for our future. Save to pay off debt. Save so times aren't always tight. Save so that we can do whatever we want and not really have to pay attention to the cost. Save so that my kids can be given all they deserve. Saving for the farm in which all my dreams can come true.

Facebook changed my life. Sounds silly, doesn't it? Facebook? No way. Yet it has. And I am scared to death but there is such a sweet joy and peace in following God's calling. Peace that you are in His hands and that He will provide.

Here is the picture. When you look at it, do you feel your heart break in two and this longing to do all you can? Do you feel God calling you to "take care of the orphans"?

So many stirrings in heart. I do not even know how to begin to express all the thoughts and stirrings in my heart. God spoke to my heart. Touched it in a way that is so sincere.

All my thoughts of the future have been replaced by thoughts of bringing a child into my home. All those thoughts of giving my kids what I believe they deserve have been changed into thoughts of how all we really deserve are the firey gates of Hell but Jesus saved us from that certain death. So many children deserve what I believe children truly deserve - love, shelter, food, basic necessities and a whole lot of being wanted.

God quickly spoke to my heart through His Word that He has blessed Andy and I abundantly. Not that we can afford all kinds of wants but we have more than enough for our necessities AND we have a whole lot of love to shower on a child who needs it.

After praying and praying and praying and praying some more, I went to Andy with the calling on my heart. "Crazy woman" was the look on his face. Love was the gleam in his eye. And "Um. I don't know about that" was what came from his lips. I have to be honest, I felt a bit defeated. So I went back to the Lord. I knew He would not call me without calling Andy.

A few weeks later, Andy came to me and together we talked with the boys. Here is where I know God has blessed me and called our family to be a missional family. God has given me children with huge hearts. They quickly became excited and jumped on board with mama's crazy new idea.

I know that I have kids that will open their hearts to a new sibling. One who needs an extra dose of "being wanted" and I know they are praying right along side mama and daddy.

My dreams of being completely debt free and having savings and for Andy to be able to retire some day are very much still there but for the right now, my dreams of giving a child a home and love is so much greater. Time to shower our blessings and love on someone looking for a family.

Going to bed last night, I was excited. As the night drug along, I became anxious.

"The money we need is not a lot to some but is a lot to us. The whole adoption journey through Action Adoption takes an average of 5 -7 months. That's not a long time to come up with thousands of dollars. There are a lot of stories of adoptions where things didn't turn out great. There are a lot of stories that they turn out wonderful." Back and forth my thoughts went all night.

That's when His peace comes in.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your desires to God. - Philippians 4:6

We are listening to God's call. We are thankful for all we have and we are listening. There is no need to be anxious. He's got this. We are right in His hand, as is the precious child He has waiting for us.

Please join us in presenting this adoption before God. And if you feel lead, please help ease the financial uncertainty by purchasing a t-shirt or donating . #davisfamilyadopts

Being His hands and feet,


Terra said...

I am so happy for you and your family! I wish I had the extra money right now. I've started staying home again, yay! So money is super tight. But when I get a little extra I will donate!
And indeed that picture is so sad. The story with it horrifyingly sad as well. Children banished by parents, and left alone to starve and die :(
Many unwanted children in the world. God bless you and yours and your future child!! Much love is that child going into!!! <3 Blessings, love & light!

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