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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 1 of 366

Day 1 of 366...

Today should have been easy. It's exciting to begin new journeys and challenges. It's exciting to aim for a new goal and go after it.

However, today was not easy.

I don't know if Andy and I have a touch of something or we ate out so much getting ready for this challenge that we made ourselves sick, but we're feeling yucky.

We went to the family farm for lunch to celebrate the New Year. It was a lovely, yummy lunch. We then came home and took a long nap. When I woke up, I felt achy and more tired than when I laid down.

Coming downstairs to children whining about dinner, I stumbled into the kitchen.

Why hadn't I thought of planning dinner? I did not plan this very well.

Oh well. Chicken and fries it is! Nope - none to be found.

Okay! Grilled cheese and soup! Nope - bread is molded.

I proceeded to make little mini English muffin pizzas. We didn't have any pizza sauce so I made my own. Bad idea. I forgot that I am not a very good "cook by taste" chef. The guys choked them down and I'm now heading into the kitchen to pop some popcorn.

How was day one of the No Dining Out in '12 Challenge? It was tough. I need to plan better. However I am excited. I am excited about how this is going to change bad habits in our family. I am excited about "remeeting" my family at the dining room table. But most of all, I am excited that when this is over I can praise the Lord and make this part of my testimony! Because.....

This is all I can think about and with the Lord's help, I am here at home getting ready to pop some popcorn! :)

Have a good evening, friends and have a blessed first day of 2012!


Anonymous said...

Not big on the whole blog thing, but this sounds like a GREAT idea! Planning on following your journey, and possibly even joining in. A whole year, though? Wow! Rooting for you! Many recipes can be recreated at home- when you've got a craving.

Cat said...

Good luck!! We have done something similar and did pretty well with it. We left Sundays as a day to go out to eat but ONLY if we went to church and invited someone to fellowship with us. Would have loved to do an entire year but we are moving and will be forced to eat on the road for about a month minimum. Hope to follow along with you and maybe when we are settled in our new place we can join in with you!

Anonymous said...

Good job! First step is always the hardest.

Misty said...

You can do it! Working on it here, but not off to a good start...I'll keep on, though! If you will! :) Love ya! <3

Jessica said...

Wow, reading through your blog for the first time tonight, and I am so impressed! What an incredible year journey your family is on, I am excited to follow you and see how it goes. I absolutely agree the family dinner table is vital, and wish you the best of blessings as you blog your way through this project. We eat at home a lot, but you take it to a whole new level with the homemade items. I cant wait to get more ideas from you!

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