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Monday, December 1, 2014

Sayonara Social Media

The screen on my cell phone that once held my Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, and Twitter widgets is now bare. There's nothing but a picture of my smiling family in the background.

Now to start this post off honestly, I am quite the eccentric chick. When I get an idea in my mind, no matter the weird/wild factor, I'm all about it. I know this post might cause some of you to look at me and be like "Wowza. That mama has lost her noggin." but... Please. Please. Stick with me. Hear me out. Listen to my heart.

Today, December 1st, 2014, I am, for the time-being, saying sayonara to social media. I have deleted all of my accounts and removed all the installations from my phone. If you know me, you know this is huge. You know that I get super lonely as a stay-at-home mom and often reached out to people via Facebook. I would tweet all about the excitement of folding laundry. It was my way to the outside world. It was my escape.

As I type all of that, I am beginning to think I have lost my mind. I better dive right into the reasons behind my crazy toss of communication.

The NUMBER ONE reason is my walk with Christ. Sound absurd? Stick with me. Social media is not of itself a defining factor of sin in one's life but it became one with me. Instead of going to the Lord with problems or frustrations with the mundane of my life, I took my venting to the world wide web. I need to shut down the Facebook chat and seek out the Lord and His word. Hit my knees in prayer and crack open Life's Manual.

This leads into number two.... Women. We are our own worst enemies. If we aren't being hard on ourselves, we are being hard on each other. So. Much. Judgement. So much comparing. Once I was there venting on the world wide web, I began comparing and coveting what I saw before my eyes on the screen. Someone's house was always cleaner. Kids always cuter. Their body always better. Husband always helping more. I began to resent the blessings in which God had given me. I serve one gracious Father and He has given me much. It is time I shut the computer or put down the phone and rejoice in little faces He has given me or dance with the man He has made for me.

With number two easily came number three... (This is a hard one to admit, friends!) With the comparing and coveting, I began to, in black and white terms, lie. A lie is any manipulation of the truth. I would stage my house or stage my kids or clean a certain counter just for a photo to make my life and my family and myself appear to be a certain way. While we are indeed one cool bunch, we are in no way close to the perfect, put together family or people that I so longed to exude.

Parenting is my number four reason... Andy and I decided that THIS was the year we were going to follow through and cut back on Christmas gifts for the boys. As I was wrapping some of them today, my mind wondered to some of the posts of how much other moms spend and buy for their children. I began to doubt my conviction. I began to feel awful. So many times I feel strongly about a certain aspect of our arrow making and disciplining and then I get on social media and see what the Joneses are doing and let it fall by the wayside because I want my kids to have "normal". I cannot allow my convictions and calling as a parent to be swayed by the "normal" social media is portraying.

Number five.... TIME SUCK! "There is so much to do and no time to do it!!" I scream in a stressed, frazzled state. In all honestly, most things would be done if I just put down the phone or tablet and got down to business. There are so many things in my home, with my kids and in my church that can take the place of that down time at the computer.

SIX!! I get sad a lot. Besides horrific news, politics and everything else popping up in the feeds, I often felt left out and all alone. I'd see ladies doing things and posting pictures and my feelings would be hurt at not being involved. High school insecurities? Maybe but we all just want to fit in.

Last but not least.... When my boys are a little more grown and we are hanging out, I don't want them constantly texting, checking their phone and playing on Facebook when we are spending time together. I need to stop the cycle now!

Those are just some of the bigger reasons that I am saying Sayonara to social media.

What kind of affect does social media have on your life? Do you need to make changes? 

*In all transparency, I do still have a limited instagram account to keep up with some lovely graduates whom I adore. AND help me get the word out, with not being part of the social media world, how am I going to get my writings out?! :) I am one wise chick. (haha!) But in all seriousness, if you know of someone who might need to read this, share it with them. And PLEASE pray for me as I know I will be tested. <3 *