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Monday, February 15, 2016

A Gift

The same argument.

The same consequence.

Over and over again.

Time and time again.

So many times I get discouraged. What am I do? Am I doing it right?

I must not be. They don't hear me. What is going on?

Day in and day out. Over and over. And now... My husband and I are discussing bringing our kids home from the government ran education system.

What. Am. I. Thinking?

Clearly I'm not.

But then I look to scripture...

Say what?! Is this a white elephant gift? These children are a gift from God?

Then I sit and watch.

A smile. A hug. Laughter. Sharing. Bickering. Learning. Belonging. Growing. Loving.

It is a gift. I am doing kingdom work. I am doing His work. I am shaping the future for the kingdom of God. I am raising an army.

These little squabbles are perplexing and aggravating but they are necessary. Necessary times for my to shepherd these young hearts. Times for my to choose grace instead of anger. Forgiveness instead of grudges.

We are on a journey together - child and mother. We are a long road to becoming the ones called us to be. We are His.

Even in the exhaustion in the day to day grind. Children are a gift. I am abundantly blessed to be called mother and raise them for the kingdom.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Balancing Dreams

Dreams are such a tricky thing.

I have such big dreams. Often times I wonder if they align with God's will.

I am certain they do NOT align with our wallet.

Balancing dreams are even more of a tricky thing.

Finding the balance between contentment and working towards those dreams is so tricky.

How do I save for the future and think of all the things I'd like to achieve but live in the today, knowing that we are not promised tomorrow?

Is being a mom and wife and staying home compatible with having dreams?

The only place the answer can be found is in the Word.

Commit to the Lord, whatever you do and He will establish your plans.  - Proverbs 16:3

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Yearly Check-In

Wow! I guess I am really bad at updating.

A year... That's all.

A new baby.... That's all.

A girl! ... Wowza. 'Nough said.

This year is bringing a lot of changes in our lives and coming back to the table is bringing on yet another meaning.

It's been a hard year. A lot of school drama. A lot of family sickness. Just a lot of stuff.

Time to cowboy up. Work through it. And, you guessed it, write through it.