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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Menu Plan '12 - #1

Day 1 of 366....

Over at Organized Junkie, Laura has a great resource for organizing as well as menu planning. I have linked up several times and have found a lot of great bloggers and recipes!

Our menu plan this week isn't going to have extravagent meals. We're tired of eating. We'll eat enough to get nourishment and energy but not eat multi-course meals. I will be planning breakfast and dinner to begin with and maybe some day down the road add lunch.

Sunday - 1/1/12
bread machine cinnamon rolls
lunch at the Farm with family to ring in the New Year!

Monday - 1/2/12
whole wheat pumpkin pancakes, sausage
buffalo chicken dip, tortilla shells and chips

Tuesday - 1/3/12
overnight bubble bread
Asian glazed drumsticks, mashed potatoes, peas

Wednesday - 1/4/12
scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese, toast
re-run buffet

Thursday - 1/5/12
egg brunch
chili, grilled cheese

Friday - 1/6/12
baked chocolate cake donuts
pizza, fruit/veggie tray

Saturday - 1/7/12
cinnamon apple French toast
back at the Farm for our final Christmas celebration!

What does your menu for the week look like? If you don't menu plan yet, I challenge you to plan dinners for at least two days this week. Come back and tell me how it goes! :)

Happy Menu Planning!


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