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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Find the Table Challege: Day 4

This is the final entry of the Find the Table Challenge. 

Today I am so excited! This is my favorite of the series!

Make your table pretty. 

How often do we get all the good table linens and find the candle sticks? 

I know for me, I only get those nice table settings and good china out when special people come over. Special company. 

One day I got to thinking-who is more special that my husband and children? Why don't I spruce up the table more often? Why don't I show that I thought of making them feel special when I set it? I don't want to waste special times waiting for company to come over. I want to bring out the best for those I love. I want to make memories sitting around the table together.

Do I think we should do this always? Well no. However, I do think we need to make our dining space inviting. Maybe cloth napkins - save the environment as well! 

I know at my house, at dinner I have tried to stop using the plastic Dora plates and use all glass. We have to be careful but I would take a broken plate and a memory made over a plastic plate any day! 

So we have:
Next step is  to make our table inviting. 

How can you make your table more inviting? A new dining experience?


Anonymous said...

I have enough cloth tablecloths to change mine out should they need it so that my table is always covered(we have a huge spot where the red paint has chipped away so I find these necessary). I always have a candle on top of a pretty at my table. I light it. Some days it's lit all day long. I have a few holiday type tea light decorations that I put in the center of my table too. I need to make my cloth napkins! I have fabric for it. When my kids were younger I used clear...vinyl? I can't remember what it's called! I found it in the fabric section at Hobby Lobby. I put it on top of a fabric tablecloth because I did NOT have time to wash so many tablecloths:) Whatever works for you!

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