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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What You Can Expect!

Let's be honest. (That's the only way I know how to be... ) When I look at a blog, if I don't see two quick things, I don't read much. It has to be pretty - not cluttered and in small words. If I have to sit and guess what the writer is getting at or what they are talking about, it is a waste of my precious time. I need the KISS method - Keep It Simple Silly! :)

This blog was made to be a resource for myself as well as my readers.

Things you will see:

  • bi-weekly menu plans every other week.
  • recipes daily with key components (will share later).
  • pictures!
  • cost analysis. I am no coupon girl and don't pretend to be. I shop the best I can w/o using them. 
  • last but not least, we will have monthly challenges. 
Each recipe will come with blank key components:
  1. what it is and where I found it. I will be scouring the internet and cookbooks to find the best recipes for my family.
  2. the step by step recipe. Along with what worked for me and what didn't.
  3. the original recipe and a version on how to make it healthier.
  4. Weight Watchers Points 
  5. a rating system for multiple things (each separate and then one together) -  prep time, cook time, ease, cost, children's review and the adult review.
  6. pictures of ingredients and final product.
The challenge leading up to Christmas will be the challenge to "unmask" our kitchen counters and table!

I will be challenging myself to attempt at least five new recipes per week - sometimes it may only be bread and sometimes it could be a whole meal in a slow cooker. 

* Disclaimer * I love casseroles and slow cookers. I will try to not overwhelm you with recipes using them. 

I attempt to make meals as healthy as possible, however sometimes, life happens. I tend to try to eat unprocessed and whole foods but it's not always doable.

It's going to be an exciting year! Please join me! :)


The Simpson Six said...

I love this idea, Jodi! I can't wait to follow along with you in this!

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