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Monday, December 19, 2011

Find the Table Challege: Day 3

Today, I share my dirty little secret.

*Warning...  NOT for the faint of heart. *

Our floor is always disgusting! This pile is from ONE meal. My kids are animals. There is always a mess. 

After we get the table cleared off and shined, next we should sweep our floor. No one likes stepping in crunchy old food to get to a nice table. 

Make a system. After every meal, share the sweeping responsibility. Kids thrive on that! 

So grab a broom or a shop vac and get to sweeping! 

Happy Floor Shining!


ms.composure said...

LoL def know how you feel! growing up we had foster kids and i cant think of one day we did not have to sweep from having crumbs and trash on the ground in the kitchen

Kristin said...

I was just talking about this with a daycare parent this morning. I had this huge pile of crumbs that I had swept up in the middle of the kitchen floor. Then someone thought it was soooo funny to run into the kitchen and slide through the pile. Ugh! It did eventually get swept up.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of table chores. Even the littlest person can have a job: putting the salt and pepper on the table and taking it off at the end. I know this post was from a while ago...but I'm catching up!!! I can't believe how much I've missed. I'm a slacker:)

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