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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Now is the Time

We are two days into the challenge and we just got back from Bob Evans for lunch.

I screwed up already, you say?

Well one could say that but I choose to say that we survived.

Dylan has had pertussis for quite some time now. We are all exhausted. We are grasping on straws to keep it together.

Dylan has the complication that every time he coughs (which is often with pertussis) his nose starts squirting blood.

Gross. I know.

Today the doctor wanted us to come in.

Ok. Well with Caleb and Tyler here as well, that makes five boys.

We can do this. So off we go.

They were so well behaved at the doctor's office but were starving and all wanted different foods when we got out.

I was in no mood to fight over lunch.

So some might say I have failed already but I say I succeeded. Instead of making a challenge more important and having a bad attitude, I took all five boys to eat cheerfully. I am much more relaxed and the boys' tummies are full.

Tonight we will eat at home and tomorrow we will pick back up. I will not be discouraged by today.

So I encourage you, no matter how today went, pick it back up. You'll be glad you did.


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