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Thursday, November 29, 2012


Last year we vowed to eat at home every day of the year last year. Well...

We failed miserably. We are no better off financially. We are over weight and tired. We are discouraged.

We were not as successful at bringing our family back to the table and I want to try again.

I could go into the long said story that sent us spiraling off course, but there is no time. I will spare you the details. :)

This year, we're going to try again but we're not going to be near as hard on ourselves. ...

Yes. We want to eat at home every day BUT if we mess up, we'll try again the next day. Not just quit all together.

Have you read Lysa Terkaurst's book "Unglued"? If not, you should. We're going to keep going. Make imperfect progress.

What should you expect? Transparency. And some recipes and reviews.

So please, try this again with us. As we try "Take Two!". :)


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